1.What is a leadership summit ?

It is a place to learn by meeting, communicating, sharing and competing with the best of your peers. 


It is a place where you explore the full dimensions of the controversial issues in your country and around the globe.


It is a place where you develop the essential qualities of outstanding leaders in practice and with the most brilliant minds from diverse



It is a place where you learn by having fun, and have fun while developing learning skills and leadership.


2. Who we are ?

CIEDU is an institute dedicated to international education and exchange, assessment and appraisal of international education, management and counseling of international education programs and education investment.


We have decades of experience of cultivating and fostering outstanding students with international visions and leadership spirit.


We have a team of world-class experts and researchers developing the most cutting-edge and efficient teaching and learning curriculum to meet the diverse and personal needs of our students.


We are one of the earliest institutes in China that advocated Model United Nations and leadership summit, and is by far the most influential and experienced organizers of these two activities.


3. Our strength:

We have more than 5000 students in our program so far.


85% of our students express that our courses benefit them academically and outside the classroom.


100% of our students say they had fun and gained friendship through our activities.


93% of our students report significant growth in critical thinking ,information management ,presentation and communication skills.